Are you a far cry from being a spelling bee champ?

Are you unsure of how to rework your run-on sentences?

Does the thought of having your work edited transport you back to that moment of dread when your English teacher whipped out the red pen?

Are you always wondering whether to accept or except the affect or effect?

My name is Donna Yearyean, and I want to help you!

If you feel apprehensive about turning your hard work over to someone, take heart! When I polish your paper or sermon, I take great care to make sure your “voice” is not lost and will treat you and your writing with respect.

Editing should not change your work or tear you, the writer, down; it should polish the writing and boost the writer's confidence! Editing is more than red ink. An edited document allows your content to shine and removes the distractions of errors, so that your readers can more fully absorb and appreciate your content.

I hope you'll browse the site to learn more about me and the services I offer.

Thank you for visiting More Than Red Ink!

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